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BRUNEI Darussalam ‘A’ athlete Ang Guat Lian sealed victory in the women’s taijijian event after registering a score of 9.20 points in the 10th BIMPNT-EAGA Friendship Games at the Indoor Stadium of the Hassanal Bolkiah National Sports Complex yesterday.

The wushu exponent demonstrated a combination of poise, elegance and athleticism during a perfectly-executed routine and her efforts will be rewarded with the gold medal during a victory ceremony today.

Ang Guat Lian earlier made her mark in the women’s taijiquan event with 9.25 points to put her in firm position for gold.

Brunei Darussalam ‘B’ Lim Yee Sean claimed second place with 9.14 points after collecting 8.97 points in the taijiquan event. Mo Shin Qi of Sarawak settled for third place with 8.97 points.

Brunei Darussalam ‘A’ continued their dominance from their opening-day haul with three more confirmed gold medals including the women’s changquan and men’s daoshu events.

Page-48-d_091218.jpgAng Guat Lian performs during the wushu event. – PHOTOS: FADHIL YUNUS

Page-46-f_091218.jpgAng Guat Lian in action during the women’s taijijian event of the 10th BIMPNT-EAGA Frienship Games yesterday

The hosts enjoyed another clean sweep on the podium led by Brunei Darussalam ‘A’ athlete Sherissa Lim Wan Chi in first place with 9.05 points in the women’s changquan having accomplished a similar pattern in the women’s jianshu event.

Her teammate Ling Dexuan settled for second place with 9.03 points while Brunei Darussalam ‘B’ Ling Dexun took third place with 8.74 points.

Meanwhile, in the men’s daoshu event, Brunei Darussalam ‘A’ Mohd Safiee Shayferan bin Roslan struck gold with 9.18 points while the Mindanao duo of Lynter James B Franco and Walros Joseph B Franco took silver and bronze with 9.13 and 9.12 points, respectively.

Brunei Darussalam ‘A’ are also on course for a clean sweep in all events after gaining top place finishes on the second day of action.

Brunei Darussalam ‘A’ Mohd Adi Salihin bin Roslan topped the rankings in the men’s nanquan event with 9.30 points closely trailed by his teammate Majdurano Joel Majallah Sain in second place with 9.27 points.

The pair will be locked in another keenly-contested battle in the men’s nangun event to determine gold.

In the women’s nandao event, Brunei Darussalam ‘A’ athlete Nur Batrisyia binti Ripin took top spot with 9.13 points.

Brunei Darussalam ‘A’ Hosea Wong Zheng Yu is in the driving seat when the men’s taijiquan event commences after topping the men’s taijijian event with 9.20 points.

Source: Borneo Bulletin Online